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What's your story?

Alright team, how are you?!

Disclaimer - we're about to go deep, like under the waves and down to the murky depths deep, but don't freak out, this will be worth it - I promise.

Let me ask you something...

What is your story?

Now, you'll either get what I am talking about or you're currently looking at me sideways like GIRL, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

Well, your story is that thing that you constantly play on repeat in your own little mind.

The one that you tell yourself when you have those sweet ideas pop into you mind, when you have those days or moments where you think "I am meant for more than this", and your heart begins to take over and create these insane, amazing, mind blowing ideas - the ones you were put on this earth for.

Then a thing happens.

Our human, also known as ego... comes in and dims down the lights until you can't see anymore and you physically feel like you're sitting in a big ass pile of fog, or smoke, or haze.

It feels yucky. It feels deflating. Dream shattering. Soul Shattering.


It comes in to try and make us play small, to avoid the fear, or judgement, the unknown and the uncomfortable. Now, ego isn't a bad thing, he/she, whoever she is to you, is important, she (for me) is the one who helps craft my story.

But do you know what? We're going to be uncomfortable anyway, so why not bite the bullet and go ahead and try something out, something that makes you feel uncomfortable, something that you have no idea whether or not it COULD or COULD NOT work out.

What's the worst that could happen?

I'm here trying to give you a message, YOU CAN DO THE THINGS.

All of them. All 555 of them.

We are human creators. We are born to create. ALL OF US.

Especially women, we literally create and birth life.

So why the hell shouldn't we be following the exact same purpose to create and birth new stories, businesses, relationships, realities?

If you could do one thing for the rest of your life and not be paid for it, what would that be?

Mine - mine is to help people, to encourage, empathize and understand.

I've always known I was put on this earth for far more than to just exist, to just work, to just be a Mum, to just be me... my purpose is FAR greater than myself. And that is something that will continue to grow and evolve until the day I pass, and then - a new story will be created.

I am learning to craft my own story, for me, not for anyone else. We should never try to be what someone else is, we weren't put on this earth to be like everyone else. We are here to stand out and create a massive shift and change in this world.

Not everyone will step up to the plate - It's a scary world to be seen by others.

I get it. But, what if your story could help someone else? What if your idea, or your thing could change lives? If you KNEW it had power, would you be confident to birth it?


I'm telling you - It has power. What you give power to, will ignite.

What ever story you choose to tell yourself, or allow yourself, is the one that will continue.

So, is it time to start a new chapter? Maybe it's one without a title yet.

Be Bold, Be Brave. I love you!

Peace out beautiful humans xo

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