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It's time to let go, of letting go

It’s time to let go, of letting go 💫 If you can see it in your mind, You can hold it in your hand 🔥

Ooooooh YES 👊🏼

How many of you ARE someone or KNOWS of someone who KNOWS that they need to let go of something but get stuck in the “this is my thing”, and can’t let go of it?

Whether it’s a shitty job, a toxic relationship, outdated clothing (me, I still hold onto some of my oversized pregnancy clothing 😂), old furniture, memories held within photographs, jewellery, unhealthy friendships or things that have happened.

👉🏼 Often we TALK about wanting to let go of things, or stories, but deep down we hold on to them because they give us a feeling to hold on to.

Even - EVEN when it’s not a good one!

Crazy aye?

Not really.

We’re human as fuck.

We all wanna feel.

That’s what we crave.

FEELING. Emotion.

We get attached to the feelings these things create!

It’s like when you hear an old song that you used to listen to with someone special and it sparks ⚡️ this moment of déjàvu, or a smell that takes you back to your childhood.

They’re all feelings with emotion connected.

Some good. Some not so good.

But we choose to hold on to them.

Heard the saying... if it doesn’t serve you, let it go?

I get it, some things and memories and people are hard to let go of. It doesn’t mean you forget them. It just means you get to accept them, honour them, and blow them away. They no longer have an impact on your heart ❤️ or your mind 🧠.

Instead you get to wrap them in big fat amounts of love in order to set yourself free from the weight they have on you.

Send and release 🌊

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