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Are you open to receiving?

We can do it all, if we are open to receiving 🙏🏼

🆗 Question❓

Do you sometimes feel like you are the one holding yourself back or maybe you have this story playing over and over, blaming other people, situations, places or things for why you are where you are.

I see you 👀

Mic drop 🎤

YOU are your creator 🔆

If you are open to receive, then you will receive

If you close your doors 🚪 you have fear 😳 you have doubt 🤔 you will NOT.

We are the story we tell ourselves.

We need to live in receiving in order to receive. It really is that simple.

For some this might be really obvious but for others, it’s not at all.

You see, when we allow ourselves to re run a story in our head, it takes over, it shuts down potential, and closes off opportunity. We stop believing in ourselves and we begin to think “this is just my life”.

I am here to tell you that YOU NEED TO BE OPEN TO RECEIVING.

How GOOD would it feel? ✊🏼

Openness to receive all that you deserve to receive, all that you desire, YOU ARE WORTHY of receiving all that you desire...

That might be love, money, a house, a car, new clothes, happiness, a partner, children.

Whatever it is. You are worthy 😇

Are you ready to open yourself up to believing it?

➡️ I want you to write a list of ALL the thing you fear.

All that holds you back.

Then I want you to write how good it feels to receive.

Set fire 🔥 to the BS story and re write it YOUR WAY!

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